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Your Partner in Home Clearing and Asset Liquidation


Sell Your Stuff Stress-Free with Sage Estates!

After you've selected personal items to keep, we'll estimate the value of the remaining contents. We consider the value of these items in comparison to the costs associated with removal, recycling, or resale. From this, we propose an offer to clear out selected items. If our offer meets your approval, we’ll arrange a convenient day for a hassle-free removal, handling your possessions with care and respect

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Estate sales and buyouts offer distinct approaches, each with pros and cons. Let's explore why a buyout might be your best choice.

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Crafting a Better Solution

After several years working in the Senior Move Management industry, we repeatedly identified a hole in the liquidation industry. A very high percentage of clients had items of value when trying to empty a home but could not have an estate sale or utilize options like marketplace.  The estate was not junk, and junk haulers are expensive. Donation companies only take some items, often charge, and there were still a lot of items remaining to disperse.  There was not a good option to manage the dispersal of estates in these situations. So we decided to answer that need by creating Sage Estates

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